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KOJI  SUZUKI   Total Project-Producer ―― SUPER STUDIO.INC
“Strategist  〜  100-persent successes”  Nikkei Media
記録 超党派議員による定期会合since2002超党派議員による定期会合 はじめに 日本再生策―日本の新しい国家像づくりへ 東日本大震災復興ビジョン打ち出しのための超党派議員会合日本が生き残るために−経済ハブ議員会合と基本法草案− 超党派議員による定期会合 阪神淡路大震災復興計画提言記録 『日本再生策(現在)に向けたマスタープラン−マスタービルダーからの提言』復興への記録 海外政府・投資機関との交渉記録 ・ オファー書類
Advocacy ActivityAdvocacy ActivityInter-Party Policy Proposal Meeting Introduction: Revitalizing Japan Policy - Developing a New National VisonEmergent: meeting to put forward the Rehabilitation Vision for the Great East Japan EarthquakeNew: Japan’s survival through hub developmentRecords: Revitalization plan / Hanshin-Kobe Earthquake in 1995Records: Japan’s Master plan for 2010’s from Top Leaders

Total Project-Producer Koji Suzuki’s office / Super Studio Inc. is perhaps the first office in Japan capable to plan and implement projects involving the government and private sectors of Japan and overseas. Suzuki’s office has successfully realized epoch-making projects in Japan, which were introduced in other countries later.
Be it a large-scale project or a narrowly specified project commissioned by clients of the private or government sector, Producer Koji Suzuki is reputed for “achieving 100 percent success rate” by Nikkei and other business magazines.

Projects Produced
Some decades ago, Producer Koji Suzuki planned and implemented as a representative planner the first joint USSR-Western corporation project in the USSR which led to perestroika in the USSR.
For the rehabilitation after the Great Hanshin Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake, Suzuki’s office organized a consortium of foreign corporations supported by their funds for the rehabilitation of Kobe and mobilized their project investments into Japan.
In recent years, Suzuki’s office has made a proposal and promoted proposed projects for the rehabilitation of the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake- Legislation of the Rehabilitation Special Zone system, and the Promotion of the Eco-City +Automobile-related New Industry Special Zone Project, and produced the “Joint Project by Japanese Corporations and Overseas Government and Private Investment Institutions in Economic Special Zones in Asia (Tianjin Eco-City, etc.)”

Producer Koji Suzuki attended the 1st WTO Ministerial Conference in 1996 as a Japanese delegate. He worked as a producer together with top leaders of the governments and business corporations in the core economies in Asia which actually lead WTO and APEC. With the motto “There will be no rehabilitation without opening Japan’s doors to outside,” Suzuki is currently preparing projects to be implemented in Japan jointly with an overseas government to help Japan’s participation in TPP to be of national interest.
Suzuki has attended the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention the Convention in Vancouver(1997), Melbourne (1999), Manila (2009), and Singapore (2011) as a member of the Singapore delegation, and has devised the growth strategies of Japan and the world together with delegates from across the world at these conferences including both government officers and business leaders.

Advocacy Activity
Suzuki’s Office aims to have greater producing strength required for future Japan by organizing groups of MPs of different parties to promote the growth strategy of Japan, and by forming parliamentary leagues with specific themes
Suzuki’s Office initiated designing the Master Plan for Japan in cooperation with prominent leaders of Japan (1992-1995).As the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake occurred in 1995 in the process of the designing the Master Plan, we formulated and promoted the plan to rehabilitate Kobe.
In 2002, Hajime Karatsu, the late Kenzo Uchida, Nobuo Ishihara and Koji Suzuki who initiated the preparation of the Master Plan for Japan convened a regular inter-party meeting by MPs to envisage a New National Vision, which has continued to be held bimonthly at Suzuki’s office to date. While discussing the national vision, this MP group readily responds to emergency situations in Japan. The group has produced Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and other top leaders of the government and political parties.
In 2011, Suzuki’s Office organized the MP group for the Rehabilitation of the Great East Japan Earthquake immediately after its occurrence, and made policy proposals to the government to realize the Rehabilitation Special Zone system, and to establish “4 Rehabilitation Special Zones.” We are now promoting to bring these proposals into reality.
Prior to this, Suzuki’s Office organized the “MP group for Economic Hub Development” in 2008 to consider ways for Japan to survive and grow further. We aim to formulate Japan’s growth strategy as a Basic Act, and have drafted a Bill for the Basic Act which includes the needs for changing the existing Japan’s formula and opening its doors to other countries in order to obtain best trading conditions. We are now promoting concrete policies covered in the Bill.
Based on these activities, we proposed to the current government that national projects in Japan to be implemented jointly with an overseas government and excellent investment institutions be carried out as a means to revitalize Japan.

Based on these activities, we proposed to the current government that national projects in Japan to be implemented jointly with an overseas government and excellent investment institutions be carried out as a means to revitalize Japan.
---Super Studio/ Suzuki's office always pursue borderless and dynamic policy proposals and projects. We will produce projects more lively across the government and private sectors in Japan and abroad by making success stories.

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