KOJI SUZUKI Total Project-Producer ―― SUPER STUDIO.INC  Japanese
KOJI  SUZUKI   Total Project-Producer ―― SUPER STUDIO.INC
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Advocacy, working for local and national governments
Working for foreign governments and private corporations
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Company Profile
Name Super Studio Inc.
CEO Koji SUZUKI,  total Project-Producer
Positions held Secretary General, Social Capital and Investment Research Group (chaired by Prof.Hajime Karatsu) Secretary General, Organization of the Craftsmanship Study
Group (chaired by Prof.Hajime Karatsu) Advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on private sector activities Trustee of Japan Cultural Association Member of the Japanese delegation to the 1st WTO minister conference Member of the Singapore delegation at the 4th and 5th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention
Government (Ministries) Advocacy and production work
Policy drafting
Local governments Urban development and redevelopment
Coordination between local governments and ministries and private corporations
Private Sector Production work for new business operations by Japanese and foreign corporations
Establishment December 1983
Capital 10 million yen
Office 8th Floor, Sankyu Building
6-14 Kasumigaseki 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013, Japan
Phone +81-3-3597-0012
FAX +81-3-3597-0016
Main Clients
Ministries of Japanese government
Ministry of Land and Transportation (former Ministry of Transportation,
Ministry of Construction and National Land Agency)
Cabinet Office (former Economic Planning Agency, Prime Minister's Office)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (former Ministry of International
Trade and Industry)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (former Ministry of Posts
and Telecommunications and Ministry of Home Affairs)
Quasi-governmental organizations
Development Bank of Japan, Okinawa Development Finance Corp,
Local Governments and Relevant Organizations
Automobile manufacturers
Toyota Motor Corp., Toyota Automall Create Pte. Ltd., Mazda Motor
Steel manufacturers
Kobe Steel, Ltd., Nippon Steel Corp., The Japan Steel Works Ltd.,
Transport company / Post company
Central Japan Railway Co., Japan Post Group / Japan Post Network
Co., Ltd.,
General trading company / Advertising agency / Construction company
Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc., Hakuhodo Inc., Obayashi Corp.,
Amusement & entertainment makers
Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan, Inc., Namco Ltd, Sega-Sammy
Group, Namco Bandai Holdings Inc., Banpresto Co.,
Cosmetics makers
Shiseido Co., Ltd.,
Household electric appliance manufacturers
Sony Corp., Pioneer Corp.,
Contents production firms / Animation production firms
Pierrot Co. Ltd., Sony PCL Co .Ltd.
Aeon Co., Ltd., Seven and I Holdings Co., Ltd., Lawson Inc., Former Saison Group/Seibu Department Stores, Parco Co., Ltd., Seiyu and Wal-Mart
Stores Inc., Family Mart Co., Ltd., The Daiei, Inc., and others
Beverage companies
>Asahi Breweries Ltd., Coca Cola Japan, Co., td., Nestle Group, and others
Card service companies
Credit Saison Co., Ltd, and others
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