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SUPER STUDIO INC. スーパースタジオ 総合プロデューサー 鈴木浩二
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How to carry out production works
Procedures and functions of Koji Suzuki/Super Studio
1. When clients commission Super Studio
When a private corporation (manufacturer or service provider), or a government sector (national and local) has a project idea and approaches Super Studio, Super Studio prepares a plan for the project, be it business or service development or urban development, and negotiate with potential operators who will participate in the project.
Super Studio will submit concrete plans, introduce potential participants to the client, and facilitate the project implementation.
Shiseido, Sony, Toyota Motors, Nippon Steel, Kobe Steel, Central Japan Railways, Japan Steel Works, Namco, Asahi Breweries, etc.
Aeon, Ito Yokado, Seiyu, Daiei, Seibu Department Stores, Parco, Family Mart, Seven Eleven, etc.
New Types of Operators

Mazda Eunos, Toyota Auto Mall, WAVE, Studio ALTA, Prime, Muji, etc.

2. Super Studio conceives a project idea
Super Studio approaches potential operators who will agree to realize it. Super Studio will submit a prospectus to the operator, and suggest possible ways for the operator to expand its businesses or services. When the operator agrees to the implementation of the project, it will commission Super Studio to prepare the basic plan and action plan.
As in case 1, Super Studio will submit concrete plans, introduce potential participants to the client, and facilitate the project implementation.
In parallel, Super Studio will approach and negotiate with other organizations to participate in the project, and will promote the preparative work for the implementation of the project. As implementation gets on track, Super Studio will transfer the responsibility for the implementation to the client or other appropriate organization.
Study on the development of joint shops and auto malls commissioned by Toyota Motor Corp. (Toyota Motor Corp., Toyota Auto Mall Create, Aeon Group, etc.)
Negotiation with potential investors in Asia to make Japan a hub and promote their investments in Japan, as a Japanese delegate to WTO
(Singapore government and its corporations, PSA, Cheung Kong, etc.)
Operation model reform for convenience stores by expanding their target market to reach three generations including the elderly
(Chairman Suzuki of Seven Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart)
Promotion of the project to expand “e-gov” service outlets into private facilities (an electronic government service linking the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other local governments in the Greater Tokyo area)

Plan to create businesses for the elderly commissioned by Business Development Division of Toyota Motor Corp. (Toyota Motor Corp., Toyoda Tsusho Corp., Toyota Memorial Hospital, Mitsubishi Corp. )

Grand design study on social capitals and public investments, and the promotion of its implementation for the post-earthquake rehabilitation in Kobe.
(Ministry of Construction, Economic Planning Agency, Kobe city, Daiei/Chairman Nakauchi, Consortium consisting of foreign governments and private corporations)
Planning and producing city-style entertainment business by introducing restaurants from Singapore in cooperation with Namco Ltd, Daiei, and others.
スーパースタジオ 鈴木浩二事務所